HARI’s Oyster & Chili Winter Blow-out at HARI’s Notting Hill20 Jan

The Oyster Ticket to the Hottest Hair in Town

Created for the launch of the newly opened Notting Hill salon, HARI’s is now rolling out the ultimate winter blow-out in all four of his eponymous London salons. This luxurious new treatment uses Oyster and Chili shots, formulated to give you renewed and strengthened locks full of movement.

Hari enlisted expert biochemist, Nausheen Qureshi founder of beauty brand Elethea, to create this transformative bio hair shot. This two-stage rebuilding and damage-limitation hour-long treatment uses Japanese oyster and chili extract, teamed with a whole lot of scalp and mind boosting massage in-between.

The idea behind the treatment “is to stimulate circulation and promote hair growth from the follicles,” explains Quershi, who also lists amino and water-based azalaic acids and zinc amongst those ingredients chosen to transform our winter hair.

Step 1 of the treatment is a Japanese Oyster Deep Conditioner – Japanese Oyster Extract is super high in Zinc (zinc has been shown to help with hair loss) and proteins to help build the structure of the hair and we also have silk amino acids in this formulation which bind with the keratin in the hair to add hydration by “sealing” the hair.

Step 2 of the treatment is an Azelaic acid + Chili aqueous solution sprayed onto the scalp. Azelaic acid has shown in clinical studies to be at low or non-existent levels in people suffering hair loss, so adding it to the scalp has also proved effective in helping prevent hair loss, and in some cases even allows the hair follicles to start growing hair again. The chilli extract is also meant to help boost the hair follicles and has been widely documented as a therapeutic stimulant in some recent studies.

Once applied it is massaged deeply in to the scalp before rinsing and styling it’s a treatment that will totally zone you out. “We’ve included criss-cross massage down the middle of the scalp to the base of the neck, start-stop finger pressure massage from temples to the base of the skull and circular massage all over.” Says Hari Salem, founder of HARI’s salons

The result is super glossy, robust, swishy hair; the Oyster & Chili Winter Blow-out is the anti-dote to parched and stressed out hair.


Oyster & Chili Shot Blow Out is £95 for one hour, including blow dry available at HARI’s salons, which are located at 41 Ledbury Road, W11 2AA, 233 King’s Road, SW3, 305 Brompton Road, London, SW3 and Parsons Green, 183 New Kings Road, SW6.
www.harissalon.com @HARI’sSalon @harishair

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Whatever your hair colour is this season, your roots can be retouched or created for effortless, cool or if
your hair grows seriously fast, a T- Bar visit can be a cheeky cheat to prolong making the monthly
appointments a necessity. HARI’s new T-BAR is the perfect salon service to keep roots fresh and on
trend in-between all-over colour appointments.

For those not in the know, the ‘T-bar’ is the section of hair down the middle of the parting and around
the face. HARI’S T-BAR service is designed to refresh a full or half head of high or low lights, colour is
applied to cover roots and the section that frames the face. The T-BAR is the professionals’ secret to
colour upkeep that not only minimises damage to previous coloured hair but also cuts down on the

The customised T-BAR Root Menu offers everything from classic highlights to on trend colour and
artistic Balayage, be it permanent or temporary. True to its name, you can even have a nice cuppa
tea or a refreshing root-fuelled juice while you wait.


The Root Refresh: This uses foil highlights where placement is specifically chosen in shades to add colour around your face and keep highlights looking brand new. The result is so effective that no one will ever guess you haven’t had your whole head done. Only you and Suki Waterhouse will ever know the truth. From £70

Deep Rooted – Flip the dip dye trend on its head and go darker at the roots a look seen on Drew Barrymore, Cara Delavigne and Ashley Olsen. Colour is gently worked into your roots, as close to natural colour as possible, then the colourist uses Balayage and blends the perfect subtle summer lights on mid lengths to ends to give a modern worn in feel. From £70

Root Master: Using the latest colouring technique from L.A to give beautifully bespoke blended colour that will make your hair appear thicker. The colourist carefully selects colours to be artistically applied using a freehand finger-painting technique, which leaves hair looking voluminous and naturally highlighted – a true work of art. From £70


ParT-ee: Seen at Maxime Simoens S/S15 show, roots are given a colour pop with wash-out coloured hairspray in vibrant or pastel hues, great for an occasion or to match any accessory of nail colour or handbag. A quick and playful root fix for anyone who wants to stand out in the crowd. £40 with a blowdry, £20 Express dry styling

Glit-Ta: For the magpie that likes 24 Karat sparkle in little and large doses and inspired by the make up at Kenzo’s S/S 15 show. Glitter is applied over gel to accent a root panel after styling. £40 with blow-dry £20 Express dry styling

HARI’s T-Bar: come in and see which blend is right for you! 

Famous for their bar concept, HARI’s salons not only offer the Capitals’ best blow-dry but also create the latest styles and trends for Buns, Braids, Ponies and Feather extensions. Hari’s professionals cater for your hair requirements to suit any occasion.

Available at HARI’s salons, which are located at 233 King’s Road, SW3, 305 Brompton Road, London,
SW3 and Parsons Green, 183 New Kings Road, SW6.
www.harissalon.com, @HARIssalon, @harishair
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The future of colour is here…

Imagine hair that’s in better condition after it’s been coloured. For years, colourists have been searching for the Holy Grail – colour without the compromise – now it’s a reality with HARIs new transformative 3-step process using OLAPLEX.

First, the science: HARI’s Luxe Colour Cure uses OLAPLEX, a revolutionary new non-toxic technology (free of: silicones, oils, aldehydes & parabens) that eliminates the bad reaction oxygen has with broken sulphate bonds found in chemically treated hair. Where conditioner acts as a serum, Luxe Colour Cure acts as your anti-ageing moisturiser, jam-packed with a nourishing cocktail of Vitamin C, Vitamin A, Aloe and Almond Oil, hydrating hair from within and linking the bonds together to create stronger double bonds, minimizing unsightly breakages. The result? Soft, shiny, expensive-looking colour that looks and feels so healthy it could be mistaken for virgin hair.

How it works – step 1: OLAPLEX base is mixed with the lightener or colour, which develops and is then applied to the hair. Step 2 of the OLAPLEX system hair is rinsed and is applied to rebuild the bonds and restore the hair shaft. Finally, after shampooing and styling, step 3, is a personalised take-home OLAPLEX treatment ensures you can maintain your lustrous locks in between salon appointments.

Thanks to this ground-breaking technology, HARIs consummate colourists can bespoke mix colour on any hair type without damaging or over-processing. From ombré ends to metallic brondes and platinum blondes, coloured and chemically processed hair is left conditioned from root to tip with a mirror like shine.

Make lackluster hair a thing of the past with HARI’s Luxe Colour Cure. Shhhh……..it’s the colourists’ best kept secret (for now).


HARI’s Luxe Colour Cure £45 is available from June 2015 as an add-on service at HARI’s salons, which are located at 233 King’s Road, SW3, 305 Brompton Road, London, SW3 and Parsons Green, 183 New Kings Road, SW6.

www.harissalon.com, @HARIssalon, @harishair

For press enquires, quotes or to book in please contact: Louize@imaginationpr.co.uk or call 020 3384 9750


Insipid soft layers is no longer a trend for hair, as demonstrated by the likes of Sienna Miller, Jordan Dunn, Lily Collins and Rosamund Pike, choppy locks are set to be the hottest trend of 2015. Leader of the pack as ever, HARI’s Blunt Cut has been popular with its clients since the end of last year. Those looking for a fresh spin on their locks, never need look further than HARI’s cutting edge team of professional stylists, and with the latest HARI’s Blunt Cut they can transform mundane bobs and tired tresses in to a sexy style full of attitude.

The HARI’s Blunt Cut has weight in its length like a bob but has a shattering to its outline to give a cool update to a classic style. A totally modern look, with reference to Marc Jacobs S/S 15 catwalk punk inspired Joey Ramone hair. The look includes blunt layering in the final third of the hair length and around the face for a choppy texture – not a
choppy shape! The difference is the choppy layers are cut to give texture to create movement not to building shape like a graduated ‘shroom-bob.

“This is a very adaptable cut, as it varies in length so can suit any head of hair; for those looking to give this cut a bolder look you could add a fringe. “ Craig Taylor, Creative Director, HARI’s Salons

Innovative, inspirational and pioneering, HARI’s salons are always launching a new spin on hair – the established ‘bar’ concept, which includes Blow Dry, Bun & Beehive and Feather & Braids along with the latest must-have Metallics face-framing colour technique.

The HARI’s Blunt Cut (from £50) is available at HARI’s salons, which are located at 233 King’s Road, SW3, 305 Brompton Road, London, SW3 and Parsons Green, 183 New Kings Road, SW6. www.harissalon.com


HARI’S NEW METALLICS – The Face Framing Colour18 Oct

This perfected metallic tone used at HARI’s salons is neither ash nor blonde but a shade of bronze that works extremely well to tone down full-on blondes, as well as softly lightening winter brunettes. HARI’s New Metallics colour treatment is THE post-summer (winter) complexion pick-me-up.

In the spirit of the ‘anti cut’, New Metallics is almost an ‘anti colour’ that creates a natural healthy look so hair complements the skin tone and adds radiance. To subtly frame the face, the Balayage technique is used to apply the colour, which is swept freehand through using a triangle method of slicing the colour through the strands or the colour can be foiled in for a more full on look; both techniques result in sexy and under-done hair. New Metallics can also be tailored to give more impact by colouring all the ends for a full on edgy look.

“Inspiration for the New Metallics comes from models and celebrities with sought after hair colour including Jourdan Dunn, Karlie Kloss, Lily Donaldson and Chloe Moretz who have moved away from the ombre look to softer tones that are picked up in the layers and textures framing the face, creating a lovely healthy glow.”
comments Melanie Smith Senior Colourist at HARI’s Kings Road

The HARI’s New Metallics (from £150) is available at HARI’s salons, which are located at 233 King’s Road, SW3, 305 Brompton Road, London, SW3 and Parsons Green, 183 New Kings Road, SW6. www.harissalon.com